It is in October 2023, at the heart of downtown Quebec City, that Caroline Bélanger founds BELACARO. It is at the inception of the brand that the union between Maude Grondin and Caroline takes shape. They decide to form a team and create the company BELACARO. Both are driven by an unwavering passion for fashion and the crafting of high-quality knitwear.

Caroline and Maude ensure the success of the company through the complementarity of their skills. Evolving for more than 10 years in the world of arts and textile production, Maude has distinguished herself over time as an undeniable asset in high-quality production. Caroline, endowed with acute business acumen, stands out for her ability to weave a distinguished brand image with great potential. Both are heavily involved in the development and design of classic garments imbued with a touch of modernity.

Movement is at the heart of BELACARO's essence, which offers knits designed to last and made from natural fibers. It is in this spirit that they align their efforts to evolve the world of high-end knitting in Canada.




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